NRI Property Management

At NRIWAY Property Management Company around Mumbai, the largest city of Maharashtra, we are a top advisory board for your rental NRI property management services. Having managed hundreds of landlord’s properties, our property manager has vast experiences in managing all aspects of the rental property. When you are out of the home country and have some issues related to property or financial management, and then 100% you are in need of professional property Management Company.

In here NRI faces some common problems when they can look for a property management company:

  • NRI want to sell or buy a property in India
  • NRI want to manage money investment such as converting the saving account to NRO account
  • NRI want to convert are account to no account or vice versa.
  • NRI is looking for currency exchange services.
  • NRI are staying out their country for a long time and want to manage residential or commercial property

NRIWAY is a helpdesk providing many services for solving NRI queries related to immigration, IT Services, Property management, and more. Go through our NRI services in detail.

  1. Property Management Services:

Here’s a short sketch of some of the significant areas that need to be incorporated into the NRI Property Management Contract.

  • Renting of Premises
  • Employment of Personnel
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Service Contracts
  • Monthly Reports
  • Insurance
  • Major Repairs
  • Management Company’s Affiliates and Subsidiaries
  • Separation of Money
  • Arbitration and Attorney’s Fees
  • Termination
  1. Financial Management Services:

NRIWAY is perfect NRI partner for all kinds of problems related solutions no matter what degree of complexities you have before or after switching your country. Money management is the main thing which comes first once an NRI wants to keep track his/her bank accounts after changing NRI status. Because NRI must know restrictions in transferring an amount from nre to nro or fcnr account. Hence NRIWAY is one stop solutions for such daily life issues for NRI. Go through the advantages of nro accounts in detail.

  • Higher yield post-tax
  • Low cost and Hassle-free money transfers
  • Low balance needed
  • Anytime, anyplace account access
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Easy movement
  • Joint holding
  • Easy re-designation
  • Free cheque book as well as ATM card for mandate holder
  • Specially selected special offers
  • FREE PO Box service
  • Tax deducted at source
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)
  • Earn a higher post-tax return
  • Availability of DTAA benefit on your NRO accounts

  3.NRI Certificate Attestation:

If you desire to travel overseas, you will have to apply for a visa. And your permit will be issued only when authorized officials would authenticate your papers. As a consequence, it makes the Certificate Attestation indispensable. NRIWAY is a discussion board for providing point to point answers to NRI questions.

How can I attest my NRI marriage certificate for a foreign country visa?

  • You can attest your marriage certificate for a foreign country visa with the following papers:
  • Applicable passport in original of the partner present at the Embassy.
  • 2 passport photocopies of both – husband and wife