Article Writing

Writing general interest articles used to be a very generous area for many part-time writers. But the market for general interest articles has shrunk over in recent times, just because of the growth of a new generation of magazines which are sharply focused on one subject or designed to appeal to readers from one specific age group or background. But that doesn’t mean the market is all dead, you still have a brighter scope.

Here we will help you provide opportunities that do exist and offers some thoughts and practical advice on making your ideas appeal to a wide and eager audience. We give tips on research, finding unusual angels to write your articles which will last for years to celebrate, and especially how to plan your work in advance.


There are still a number a publication in the market which eager to publish articles of different length and on different types of topics which will be useful and attracts to a different range of age group. And finding this kind of publication in the market who are still waiting for your types of articles to publish, requires little more detective work. So you need to conduct research for yourself to find these kinds of publishers first. You can get the details regarding it from the ‘writers and artist yearbook’, from spending some hours on the internet and by visiting personally the publication in around your region.


If you read various magazines that come your way, with an eye to selling articles to them, you will very soon realize that special interest titles only publish articles on one subject. The reader who buy the magazine they know that they going to get the information, news and so on what they searching for. Knowing this in mind, it would be waste of time sending an article on health and nutrition to a magazine which specially deals with music and photography. So judge the market carefully before deciding your key areas.


For the beginner, writing a general interest article will be a good chance of breaking into print. There is bound to be something you can write about on your doorstep.

In our day to day life, we experience a lot of happening around us right from our bedroom, to the neighbor from that window who washes his car every morning with his dog keep disturbing him but he still loves to continue.

You can choose any of the topics right from anything to everything, only concern is to understand a little and judge before writing that what material you going to provide is for other people, so just need to write with the consciousness that they should enjoy reading as you enjoyed writing.

And the market for this kind of topics is wide open and easy to crack in, in freelancer writers section. You find this section online, and in some local magazines, or in some weekend newspapers edition.


Fortunately, there are not as much as you think, but some are really important one. As a beginner you should avoid writing or the topics which are related to political issues, legal matters, local government etc. because you can be only able to write very well on this types of issue if you have all d related information, facts, and analysis regarding, and on another hand publisher simply won’t take your article on such kinds of topics if you are not authentic source to rely upon. And after this, one more category you should avoid to write on is ‘personal opinions’. No one cares what your opinion on any specific issue is unless you are not a famous person.