Massage in Mumbai

It can be tough to choose the best Massage in Mumbai. If you do your homework and ensure that you have selected the right spa, you will not only get the best out of your experience but also have a lot of fun.

You should try to find massages in Mumbai that are all-natural. The process is very simple; the masseuse will lie down on a flat surface with her body slightly raised.

Head massage: The masseuse will use gentle strokes to stimulate the forehead, cheeks, neck, and cheeks. These massages should never be done more than once a week to prevent heat exhaustion.

Shoulder massage: The masseuse will wrap her arms around the masseuse’s shoulders and then gently work her arms and shoulders as she works her way up the masseuse’s back. These massages should be done about four times per week to keep the masseuse at her peak.

Back massage: A masseuse will move down from the head and move down to the shoulder to the neck. The masseuse will then do a series of gentle strokes around the masseuse’s back, finishing with a firm message to the masseuse’s back.

Neck massage: The masseuse will place the head of the masseuse onto the masseuse’s neck and the masseuse will work her head as she moves up and down the masseuse’s neck. These massages should be done about three times per week.

Foot massage: The masseuse will be lying on the floor in her bare feet with her legs folded. The masseuse will begin with light massages around the feet and then work her way up the masseuse’s legs.

Middle massage: The masseuse will begin in the center of the masseuse’s body and then work her way towards the top of the masseuse’s body. The masseuse will then pull her hand back to the heart and touch her hand against her own heart to produce an audible sound and send vibrations through the masseuse’s body.

Ear massage: The masseuse will begin by rubbing the masseuse’s earlobe and then working her way down the masseuse’s ear to the other ear. Then she will begin to massage the earlobe again moving from the other ear to the first.

To reduce the risk of infection, the masseuse will start to massage the massage area as soon as she arrives. If she cannot do so, she should delay massage until she is comfortable.

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