Indian Festivals

Writing about the festival is not a new trend or market. One cannot be a full time involved writer in this category, nor become expectedly famous in a market, but yes by writing about the festival will defiantly improve your imagination, writing skill, and over that will help you earn pocket money. Rather than sitting idle, its a better option to write about.


When you choose the write about the festivals, and that too especially about the country like India, you need to be detailed in information about the festival you choose to write about.

Importantly, to add spice and to make the material interesting you need to make a smart groundwork and a little research and grab the detailed for regarding the following points.

  • What is the base story behind the festival?
  • What groups of people celebrate it?
  • In what region of the country the festival is celebrated?
  • Period-day-year
  • Any specification regarding the celebration?
  • Celebration process
  • And last but not the list, hoe people enjoys the period of the celebration.

As you will make small research regarding the above topics, you will be sufficiently having material, facts, and all the details to finalize your article.

After that only one thing you need to be very cautious about, is the language of the article. Your writing language should be a little higher than the ordinary one, by using some traditional words and phrases. If you could fulfill the above instruction smartly, you have all the chances to go for it forward and publish it.

NOTE- festival writing generally no editor or publisher accepts easily, but a little market research can help you. There are many newspapers and magazines who accept the category of writing.