To be a religious writer you don’t have to be regular temple visitor or a regular follower and practice of any particular section.

Many freelancers write on religious issues because it’s in their interest, or they have a good market around them to present their religious work.

Here we will help you show how many opportunities are there in the kinds of various topics. And what attracts to publishers and editors.


Knowing your audience is as important for this market as for any other market. You cannot just write a great article on Christianity and sit comfortably considering that am all done. It’s a very wrong consideration because if your work is not reaching to the right audience it’s of no use. Because there are so many kinds of different newspaper and magazine which particularly focuses on the area or section of Christianity. ex (church of England newspaper, the Methodist Recorder, the catholic herald etc.) Many editors have issued guidelines for prospective contributors. So follow your readership well before coming into printing.


There are several distinct types of feature in religious writing which you can write for the religious market. Not all publication will include all of these, but some may be. Here comes your market research again.

NEWS- writing about the recent happening in any particular region or section is widely accepted as there are many newspapers and magazines which deals with section

PEOPLE- you can choose to write about a particular section of people (particular religion on its section follower). There are the good percent of the audience who loves to read about a different religion and their people and their practices PLACES- writing about the places which are especially concerning to the particular religion or its monument is also appreciable these days. Here you don’t have to worry so much about the actuality, you can simply assemble historical and cultural facts and simply present.

SPIRITUAL/DEVOTIONAL- the devotional, spiritual or Bhagvat Geeta, Bible etc study contain of many of the religious markets is often commissioned in a series.

PERSONAL OPINIONS- as of all the other market, selling personal is difficult unless you target carefully at a specific slot. Some newspapers and magazines do have opinion columns, but it needs good market research to present.

REVIEWS- review writing is generally not in demand in the market as flow fully as others, but still, you can take as an alternative to time pass. Occasionally there are openings for freelance reviews for almost all the sector concerning religious too.