Travel Writing

Traveling the world, Experiencing the journey at every stage, getting one with the atmosphere and writing about it, and on over getting paid for your this experience writing is the lavish dream everyone dreams for. Here we will provide you with an essential piece of advice on just how to make your travel features stand out from the rest, and sell in a competitive market. We will see where keenly in this article, where to go, what to write about, authentic market to target, what information most interests to editors and readers.


So what is that the editor from the travel writing wants? Or searching for.? Every editor searching for some new, some different material on different topics. But there is one important element they will look for in every writer is, ’who can truly capture the spirit of the country or a destination’ it talking about.   A travel writer must be able to grasp every single element of his journey, and should be able to write about it in a way that, with every word reader should be able to feel that he himself is on the place he reading about, and experiencing every element that is expressed in the article and get amazed.

  • A travel writer must have an eye for the unusual.
  • A trained eye for spotting things the ordinary tourist would miss.
  • They must look for the unexpected.
  • They should be able to write about the usual place in a very unusual way.
  • Travel writer must tell about history- culture-geography of the particular destination.


Just simply place yourself on the place of the reader, and think what will simply be boring you if you reading about travel article.

  • Travel editors and reader don’t want a routine account for your holiday, especially about a very well known place which everyone already knows about.
  • Avoid putting on the usual details which doesn’t excite the reader much.
  • Avoid writing about the unauthentic feature either they may be not usual.
  • Avoid adding a fiction or your own imagination if you writing about the well-known destination or a place which already have much more facts and features to tackle already.


It’s very important to recognize, which is your target audience? Before start writing about any piece, you should know for what kinds of audience you writing. Because the audience very a lot in travel reading right from age to age, area to area, and interest to interest. There is no point writing about your adventures tour of panamas and amazons if you have an audience which has more interest in reading about historical monuments and cultural places.